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New documents on European identities and cultural heritage

31 December 2015

The first CulturalBase workshop, which was held in Barcelona from 30 September to 2 October 2015, comprised six academic sessions, one for each thematic field covered by the project. At each session, a paper drawn up by the partners of the initiative was debated to identify the key dimensions of cultural heritage and European identities. The first academic papers are now available on the CulturalBase web. In the thematic field 'memory and heritage', the work of Jasper Chalcraft and Gerard Delanty from the University of Sussex in the UK, asks whether heritage can be transnationalised. In 'inclusion and identities', Anna Triandafyllidou and Ruby Gropas from the European University Institute in Italy, look at how to harmonise diversity and unity in building a European identity. Philip Schlesinger from the Centre for Cultural Policy Research/CREATe at the University of Glasgow in the UK, examines the creative Europe in his paper for the thematic field 'creativity and heritage' (links to the documents below). The papers for the remaining three fields will be published soon: 'memory and identities', 'inclusion and heritage', and 'creativity and identities'.