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Impact on Bamako of DECIDES Mali IV: testimonials

6 December 2015

''Everything I learned will help me from now on, but it will also help my family and friends,'' said one young woman who has taken part in the activities to promote sexual and reproductive health (SRH) on the DECIDES Mali IV project. As part of the project, she has carried out educator work to raise awareness among young people in the informal sector of Bamako, Mali, on their sexual and reproductive rights. This testimonial and others similar, available in French and Spanish, show the impact of this initiative on young people who are outside of formal education circuits and their communities. The project is run by Interarts, Family Care International/Mali and the Association of Children and Youth Workers (AEJT) of Bamako, in collaboration with vocational and technical training centres in the city, using cultural tools such as forum theatres and the radio to disseminate knowledge about SRH among young people in Bamako who have less access to such information. DECIDES Mali IV is part of the DECIDES programme (Cultural Rights to Promote Development and Health) and is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). Further information at the following links.