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Coordinated by ECCOM European for Cultural Organisation and Management, Interarts is developing this project together with other organizations from Albania, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Norway.

The project aims at addressing the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the analysis and evaluation of gender policies within the cultural field at a European and National level, focussing on the countries which are partner of the project. “She-Culture” project aims at investigating the support and visibility provided to women through their active role in the field of art and culture, of education and of lifelong learning, in order for them to become active and self-conscious participants in civil, social and cultural life.

The network of Women Museums represent a very meaningful starting point to analyse the interaction among cultural and gender policies, which can produce not only social and cultural values but also give a strong input to social inclusion and lifelong learning processes, as well as to active participation to community life.

“She-Culture” project is funded by the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013 and is supported by the Directorate General for Artistic, Architectural and Landscape heritage of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

During its development, She Culture gathered data on women's museum activities and drew up indicators and policy recommendations on gender in the culture sector. These contents were published on the project website in 2015 ( which also contains the 5 videos about the sexualisation of toys (, created as part of She Culture by various artists from the countries involved in this initiative. One of these audiovisual works, ''Fe/male toys'' by Teresa Sala, was selected for the 2015 Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival (GRFF) and the Florence Queer Festival.

The videos were widely promoted in 2015 and were a central part of the debate on toys and gender organized by Interarts and Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison La Bonne in June in Barcelona. Focusing on the role of toys in children's acquisition of gender stereotypes, the debate was led by expert speakers: education and women's sociologist Marina Subirats, and journalist and writer Laura Freixas. The final project meeting took place in Rome, Italy, in September 2015.

start date

1 October 2013

end date

30 September 2015


To analyse cultural and gender policies at a EU level and at a national level,
To analyse the activities and the social impact of Women Museums,
To foster the network of Women Museums in Europe through the implementation of an interactive website;
To deliver guidelines for evaluation, identifying also qualitative and quantitative indicators
To promote a campaign against toys genderization.


Active and self-conscious women participating in civil, social and cultural life.
Better collaboration and exchange between different Women Museums in Europe.
Less sexist and more equal and aware society on gender issues.

activity areas

Cultural cooperation.Transfer of knowledge.Applied research.

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