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The 7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation will take place from 30 November to 3 December 2010 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain). Carried out by Interarts, the Canary Islands Government, the Organization of Iberoamerican States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) and the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID), the Campus is a residential meeting between people from the field of culture and international cooperation whose projects or institutions could belong to this space, as well as interact and strengthen their relationships.

The main activities of the Campus include promoting reflections on the basis of presentations made by professionals, creating a space of exchange between agents and cultural networks and encouraging debate on the cultural sector. In Las Palmas, within a context of exchange among continents, further to the regular participation of European and Latin American professionals, the event will for the first time count with projects and initiatives from Africa.

The general theme of this 7th edition is “Culture, Cooperation and Local Development” and its over 280 participants had the opportunity to discuss questions such as citizenship-building, networking, cultural heritage as an engine for development, etc.

The Campus is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and held in collaboration with United Cities and Local Governments (CGLU) and the Network of Iberamerican Cities for Culture (Interlocal), the Island Council of Gran Canaria, the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Caja Insular de Ahorros de Canarias and Gabinete Literario.

start date

30 November 2010

end date

31 December 2010


To consolidate the processes generated by previous editions in order to strengthen the multilateral links for cultural cooperation within the Euro-American space. To promote innovation in the field of cultural cooperation.


A better mutual understanding among cultural sector professionals, contributing to the implementation of shared experiences and understanding between the diverse cultures of the participating continents. A clearer and deeper vision of the cultural dimension of development at local level.

activity areas

Cultural cooperation.

geographic location

 the Americas