Visit Kosovo artists to the Venice Biennale From 18 to 22 November, a delegation of young artists from Kosovo visited the Venice Biennale under 'Culture for All - ... read more
New documents on European identities and cultural heritage The first CulturalBase workshop, which was held in Barcelona from 30 September to 2 October 2015, comprised six academic ... read more
Participation in a conference on cultural cooperation in the Mediterranean region The international conference 'Culture, cultural diversity and sustainable development: opportunities and new challenges for ... read more
Video of the debate about Balady and belly dancing In September 2014, the documentary Balady was screened at an event celebrating belly dancing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ... read more
Status of the SouthMed CV first call The call launched by SouthMed CV to finance cultural and artistic projects in the southern Mediterranean has reached its ... read more
FomeccBiz Medellin-Barcelona II co-creation workshop In October, a co-creation workshop was held which brought together entrepreneurs from the music and broadcasting sectors in ... read more
Impact on Bamako of DECIDES Mali IV: testimonials ''Everything I learned will help me from now on, but it will also help my family and friends,'' said one young woman who ... read more
Inauguration of the postgraduate course in Cultural Management (University of Santiago de Compostela) On 16 October, Interarts chair Eduard Miralles gave the inaugural lecture of the second postgraduate course in Cultural ... read more
First CulturalBase project workshop International culture experts from both academia and civil society met in Barcelona from 30 September to 2 October for the ... read more
Culture Action Europe Annual Conference The annual conference of Culture Action Europe (CAE) was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 15 to 17 October 'Beyond the ... read more


CULTURE AND ARTS SUPPORTING SOCIAL COHESION IN LATIN AMERICAN CITIES (LAIC) In a context of rapid and unplanned urban growth of the Latin American cities leading to widespread social inequality, ... read more
CULTURALBASE. SOCIAL PLATFORM ON CULTURAL HERITAGE AND EUROPEAN IDENTITIES Through a comprehensive perspective that includes the most relevant current social and political connections, ... read more
CULTURE FOR ALL – PHASE III. KOSOVO The “Culture for all – phase III” project, implemented by Interarts in consortium with ARCS-Arci Cultura e Sviluppo and ... read more
FOMECCBIZ MEDELLÍN-BARCELONA: GENERATION OF CULTURAL AND CREATIVE BUSINESS NETWORK FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT (PHASE II) The project embodies the second phase of FomeccBiz Medellín–Barcelona, a process conceived by Interarts and the Faculty ... read more
DECIDES ESPAÑA. FOR A MORE EQUITABLE ACCESS TO AND EXERCISE OF SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS IN SPAIN Given the growing cultural diversity in Spain and with the understanding that cultural factors are essential to improve ... read more
BROKERING MIGRANTS' CULTURAL PARTICIPATION (MCP BROKER) MCP Broker is a project aimed to enhance and stimulate the cultural participation of migrants by improving the capacity of ... read more
SHE-CULTURE Coordinated by ECCOM European for Cultural Organisation and Management , Interarts is developing this project together ... read more
FOMECCBIZ. GENERATION OF CULTURAL AND CREATIVE BUSINESS NETWORK Following Interarts ’ actions in the development of the FOMECC Program to expand the FOMECC Portal with the FomeccNet tool ... read more
EUROPEAN EXPERT NETWORK ON CULTURE (EENC) Between end of 2010 and Spring 2015, Interarts and Culture Action Europe coordinated the European Expert Network on ... read more
7th EURO-AMERICAN CAMPUS ON CULTURAL COOPERATION The 7th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation will take place from 30 November to 3 December 2010 in Las Palmas, ... read more



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